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Riverfront / Platte Valley


The Central Platte Valley & Riverfront neighborhoods are located behind Union Station, along the eastern bank of the South Platte; this area is bustling with new housing and renovations alike and is considered a Chic suburb within a city. Here you will find innovative architecture, intriguing boutique shops & dining plus access to the Platte River Trail (a 40-mile bike path that follows the river and borders Confluence Park) where you will see everything from runners to kayakers.

This neighborhood is unique not only in history, architecture and innovativeness but for it’s accessibility via 3 bridges to Downtown Denver: The Denver Millennium Bridge, the Platte Valley Pedestrian Bridge and the Highland Pedestrian Bridge.

(The area is also home to My Brother’s Bar the only bar left in Denver that was a hangout to Beat Generation heroes Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady.)

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